The Facebook Ad Sync application available on the Contlo App Store allows you to sync custom Lists and Segments created on Contlo to your Facebook Ad account. Use this customer segmentation to target Custom Audiences on your Facebook Ad Manager. Create Audience Lists/Segments directly from the Ad Sync application and assign them to custom audiences on your advertising account.

  1. Advertise Directly to any contact acquired on Contlo

  2. Easy access to Facebook Ad Manager account with simple Facebook login

  3. Extensive customer segmentation available using Contlo’s criteria for Lists and Segments

  4. Option to sync multiple Lists/Segments on Facebook Ad Manager

  5. Create Lists/Segments directly from the Facebook Ad Sync Application

  6. Custom Audience Targeting possible using specific Lists/Segments (For e.g A segment for VIP customers is created in this screenshot for customers with order value > $500)

  7. Option to Change Audience to sync with on Facebook Ad Manager after syncing

  8. Ability to delete specific lists/segments from Ad Sync Application

Steps after installation:

  1. Once the application is installed, sync the Facebook Advertising Account/Page with Contlo.

  2. After successful sync, you will be redirected to your Contlo account

  3. Create a test list/segment in the Facebook Ad sync app/Audience section on Contlo.

  4. The test list/segment can be synced directly from the Ad Sync application using Add Lists/Segments button

  5. Post sync, the list/segment is reflected as a new audience in the Facebook Ad Manager enabling Ads to be run for this Custom Audience

App Screenshots:

Setup Walkthrough

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