Metrics available on Contlo Reports Dashboard help clearly understand the true picture of audience, campaigns and automations growth numbers. The video below explains the workflow of the dashboard.

The figures present on the dashboard are defined as follows:

  1. Total Revenue Generated: Revenue generated from customers across all marketing channels

  2. Total Orders Received: Sum of all orders received from customers on the store

  3. Total Subscriber Count: Total count of Email, SMS and push subscribers present in All Contacts list

  4. Total Contacts: Total number of customers present in All Contacts list

  5. Subscriber Growth: Chart Indicating increase/decrease of subscriber growth over a period of time

  6. Email/SMS/Push Subscribers: Number of subscribers present in your contacts list with respective channels subscribed

  7. Unsubscribe Rate: % of customers that unsubscribe from campaigns (Email/SMS) with respect to total number of customers campaigns are sent to

  8. Avg. Click Through Rate: % of customers that click on any C2A button present in an Email/SMS Campaign

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