In addition to Contlo's Marketing App, we have a dedicated App Store for additional applications. The other apps made by Contlo include: Contlo Reviews App, Facebook Ad Sync, Google Ad Sync, Live Postcards and several other apps to be added soon! Download any of these apps by navigating to the Contlo App Store on the left navigation bar.

Contlo Reviews App

Get higher sales through organic traffic and better conversion rates on your Shopify store by leveraging user-generated content on your product pages with Contlo – Reviews.

4 powerful features to get feedback on your products:

  1. Import/Export reviews: Directly import reviews into your Shopify store from your existing E-commerce stores including Amazon, AliExpress or other review applications like Yotpo and Judge. me

  2. Create a product Q&A: Improve engagement on your PDP by creating FAQ-style Questions and Answers

  3. Email Automations: Send customized emails to your customers throughout their customer journey on

  4. Advanced Analytics Dashboard: stay up to date with all user reviews, product ratings, user questions and much more!

Contlo Postcards App

A postcard campaign helps you stand out from the crowd, and gives people something tangible to remember you by. Postcards reinforce the messages you’ve sent through emails, ads, and elsewhere, which makes them a smart addition to your multichannel marketing strategy.

Types of postcard campaigns

  • One-time send: The one-time send campaign is designed to be the most flexible option for your business needs. Use it to manually send a single postcard, one time, to people in the target audience of your choice.

  • Recurring: The recurring campaign automatically sends your audience a postcard every month, every 3 months, or every 6 months, depending on the schedule you choose. This is a good way to raise brand awareness or remind people of a regular event.

  • Abandoned cart: If you’ve connected your store to Contlo, the abandoned cart campaign automatically sends a postcard to customers who add an item to their shopping cart but fail to complete their purchase within 24 hours.

Facebook Ad Sync

The Facebook Ad Sync application on Contlo allows you to sync custom Lists and Segments created on Contlo to your Facebook Ad account. Use this customer segmentation to target custom audiences on your Facebook Ad Manager.

Key Features:

  1. Advertise Directly to any contact acquired on Contlo

  2. Easy access to Facebook Ad Manager account with simple Facebook login

  3. Extensive customer segmentation available using Contlo’s criteria for Lists and Segments

  4. Option to sync multiple Lists/Segments on Facebook Ad Manager

  5. Create Lists/Segments directly from the Facebook Ad Sync Application

  6. Custom Audience Targeting possible using specific Lists/Segments

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