"WhatsApp requires users to Opt-in before we are allowed to send automated messages"

WhatsApp opt-in is the agreement of your lead or client to receive messages and notifications from your business via WhatsApp. You must obtain an opt-in before you engage with customers via the messaging app. It’s your responsibility to store your opt-ins and ensure that users are only receiving what they signed up for.

There are two ways you can utilize to collect the user consent before you can as a merchant can send messages through the WhatsApp channel.

Collect WhatsApp Opt-in from Forms

Since one of the main applications of WhatsApp Business API is sending notifications such as purchase confirmations, delivery status updates transactional confirmation, and abandoned cart reminders, one of the best places to ask people to opt-in is during checkout. Moreover, it informs customers of the WhatsApp channel which they can easily use to raise questions regarding their orders. It's as simple as adding a checkbox at various touchpoints where the customer would normally enter their phone number or email address.

Complete the steps and set up your Shopify account's Checkout page to enable WhatsApp consent in 2 steps.


Step 1 :

Use the Phone Input Block in the Design Section, Drag it and drop it in the Form where you would like to be placed.

Step 2:

Use the Tick to switch between Collect consent and Not. A small text condition will appear when you switch it on under the Phone number Input space.

Like this

One can switch it ON and Off just by ticking and Untick as per your form

Best Practice: If you asking for Phone Number Input from your User, do Include this Consent to follow TCS guidelines.


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